"Well, play it fast. Real fast."

R.I.P. Tex Logan

He just passed away, a sad loss for us all.

He was always one of my favorite fiddlers, just a monstrous talent.

besides absolutely blistering fiddling, Tex Logan was an electrical engineer at Bell Labs and a pioneer  in the field of sound: 

"an early user of computers to simulate the reverberation of sound—work that would prove vital in the later digitizing of music. The co-inventor of “colorless” artificial reverb and (notes Mark Liberman) creator of “an important theorem about ‘information in the zero crossings of bandpass signals,’” Logan aided in grounding the electronics of recording in the science of acoustics. Along the way, he patented an echo canceller for satellite communications and worked on the “Shepp-Logan phantom,” which helps render images in cranial CT Scans."

I love this exchange in the attached recording:

Bill: Play it in a Texas style, however you want to play it.
Tex: Well let's play it fast... Real Fast.

and his line at 2:41 "Get some more, Bill"


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