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“this case has the United States written all over it.”

The Supreme Court's decision not to let the European Community sue RJ Reynolds under RICO act was announced yesterday. The ruling is in line with the presumption against extraterritoriality of U.S. law unless Congress was explicit about such provision. Although parts of the law were found to have extraterritorial provision, the Court decided that the EC would have had to feel the effects of the acts (injuries) in the U.S. So though the conduct was planned in the U.S., the effects of it are rendered invisible to the state. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, dissenting, wrote that “All defendants are U.S. corporations, headquartered in the United States, charged with a pattern of racketeering activity directed and managed from the United States, involving conduct occurring in the United States.” “In short,” she closed, “this case has the United States written all over it.” full story on the decision here:  Amy Howe,  Opinion analysis: In the end, RJR prevails in European Community’s RICO lawsu
Dave Eggers, ever perceptive at a Trump rally, is pretty essential reading
China aims to speed up extradition treaties in graft fight "China aims to speed up the signing of extradition treaties with countries where corruption suspects have fled to, a senior official wrote in state media, as Beijing steps up its overseas hunt for citizens suspected of corruption. China has been trying to get increased international cooperation to hunt down suspected corrupt officials who have fled overseas since President Xi Jinping began a war against deeply-rooted graft more than three years ago. But Western countries have been reluctant to help, or sign extradition treaties, not wanting to send people back to a country where rights groups say mistreatment of criminal suspects remains a problem, and also complaining China is unwilling to provide proof of their crimes. Beijing has vowed to pursue an overseas search dubbed Operation "Fox Hunt" for corrupt officials and business executives, and their assets."