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This is on the wall outside where I am staying in SF

Over at Talking Points Memo, a nice history lesson about the core mendacity and venality of the Republican leadership (and their overall political mode) stretching back to the Clinton impeachment years, a time resurfacing as a result of the horrifying Hastert revelations

The Irony and the Awfulness
This should take you the whole weekend to begin to understand

This is a good start:

For The First Time, A State Just Banned Neonicotinoids, A Pesticide Threatening Pollinators

Thursday night, the Maryland House and Senate agreed upon and jointly passed a final version of the Maryland Pollinator Protection Act, which would eliminate consumer use of neonicotinoids, a widely-used class of pesticides that has been shown to negatively impact honeybees. If the bill — which now goes to the desk of Maryland Governor Larry Hogan (R) — is enacted into law, it would make Maryland the first state in the country to codify such protection for honeybees at a statewide level.
This is the 1001 post here at Nunal. Considering the somnolent pace of posting, that might be considered something of a triumph.