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Monday morning at 9 am central time, take a listen to Rancho Alegre Radio on KOOP in Austin, you can listen to me talk about conjunto music. You can listen online if you don't happen to be in Austin. Here is some more info.
It's been three years since Occupy Wall Street. The movement didn't amount to what some of us had hoped, but it certianly was not a total failure.  John Wellington Ennis has a good take on it Here is what Occupy has to say for itself
Maybe all the Republican hysterics prattling on the civilizational threats facing the country across the world ought to take a look around, say, Norfolk, to see what is actually destroying this country. Just yesterday, in the middle of the day, two guys turned up with a mile or so of each other. One was dead from a gunshot around the corner from my house  laying on the street at 1 in the afternoon. One was wounded by a gunshot but still alive  at 4 in the afternoon.  All in a day's work. ' The interesting part about these is simply that they were reported. Generally shootings are not even considered to be news.
My always interesting friend Allen Shelton just published a new book titled Where the North Sea Touches Alabama    It is described as a "fictocritical account part memoir, part steam-punk theory, and a hard edged psychic materialist analysis of the possible return." The title comes from this line attributed to a Sand Mountain preacher: "In Christ there is no East or West, North or South, and the North Sea touches Alabama." Here is a short film about the book: