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I was involved in getting out this marvelous cd, "Old School Polkas Del Ghost Town, and other Conjunto Music from South Texas," by Lorenzo Martinez and Rabbit Sanchez, two of my favorite musicians and good friends.

It is collection of some astonishingly great conjunto played by a couple of progressive masters of the music who have been performing for 50+ years. It's out on Spring Fed Records, which is part of the Center for Popular Music at MTSU.

I co-produced it and wrote the notes. Here are some samples from the cd release party in San Antonio:

The following questions, in order from my youngest daughter (5), source of the linkages unclear, though clearly capitals are on her mind.

"I know Richmond is the capital of Virginia, but what is the capital of California?"
"What is the capital of Illinois?"
"What is the capital of the Solomon Islands?"

This is the same girl who thinks in terms of threes. She once told me her three favorite things, in order:
1. Daddy's truck
2. the thrift store
3. the open road

ah, brave new world

I can't imagine why this story did not get bigger play: China supplants the U.S. as Germany's biggest trading partner.

and meanwhile, Germany has begun rearming in earnest, as Trump's America looks increasingly unreliable

There they go, hand in hand.  farewell longstanding peace and prosperity...