Americans don't get riled up to protest. Give away billions in taxpayer money to financial fatcats with no accountability--no worries. Refuse to punish war criminal torturers--no problem. The battle cry is...moo.

Koreans, on the other hand, live in a vibrant democracy and their political action is a bit more direct. Here is a striking photo of union protesters in Daejeon using sharpened bamboo spears to attack riot police.

(an article about the current state of rioting in Korea, quoting a Sogang professor, is here)


AdamfromVA said…
Because American political action dose not constitute rioting does not mean we do not live in a "vibrant democracy". In fact, because it takes such a land mark event to cause a riot in America there tends to be a lot of exposure to the issue at hand thus legitimizing American protests and riots. This, in my opinion, is more democratic then gratuitously pointing sharpened bamboo at the low level bureaucrats that happen to be the manifestation of the entity that the rioters are unhappy with.
DM said…
I agree violent protests do not equal democracy. Koreans are deeply involved in expressing their opinions. I just thought that picture was striking. I'm not calling for sharpened bamboo stakes. For one, we have the 2nd Amendment in this country...

Americans do not protest anything, even the complete erosion of our basic Constitutional fabric or corruption and criminality in the highest offices of the land.

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