Hard to believe how fast and thick the stories about Trump's criminality come, but there is no end in sight.

One of the most pathetic excuses the Trumpistas have pushed for a while with each revelation--the claim that we should excuse criminal and even treasonous behavior because Trump et al are new to this governing thing. For exampkle, Rightwing shill Ed Roges uses the claim of this all being "rookie, amateur mistake" repeatedly in today's column.

One thing about rookie mistakes is that they don't matter so much if they are legal but stupid. But when they are illegal and stupid...well, see, that does matter.  Especially when the stupid rookie mistakes are made by someone signing up to be the putative leader of the free world. No room for rookie, amateur mistakes.

And the interesting thing is that somehow, all of these serial rookie, amateur mistakes are made when the Russians are involved.

"of course not..."

With the constant barrage of new revelations, it is important to remember that ALL members of the Trump universe have been lying and subverting the country from the start. Some do it in bombastic, outraged, and consistently foolish ways (everyone in the White House from Trump on down), b;laming "media bias." And others do it with the aw-shucks, head shaking bewilderment that Pence has perfected as he has consistently lied in bootlicking servility to Trump. He seems like he might be trustworthy, but he is a liar.

The Bohemian South

I was really happy to receive in the mail today a book titled The Bohemian South: Creating Countercultures, from Poe to Punk. You can read more about it here and buy a copy here 

I have a chapter in this collection about a cool musical sub-sub-culture, called "Reimagined Old-Time Music Cultures in the Trainhopping Punk Rock South"
Here is comes, government by extortion and theft.

Ted Cruz introduces "EL CHAPO Act" to pay for the wall
"Senator Ted Cruz wants to use assets seized from drug lords such as El Chapo, the Mexican kingpin who was recently extradited to the U.S., to pay for border security and the border wall.The idea: U.S. prosecutors are seeking $14 billion in drug profits and other assets from El Chapo. They also routinely seize the assets of other drug dealers and traffickers.The Cruz quote: "Fourteen billion dollars will go a long way toward building a wall that will keep Americans safe and hinder the illegal flow of drugs, weapons, and individuals across our southern border."The acronym's meaning: Ensuring Lawful Collection of Hidden Assets to Provide OrderWhy it matters: President Trump is trying to figure out how to pay for his border wall, which will require American taxpayers to front the bill, but Republicans aren't helping at the moment."

worse every freaking day

ok, for the moment even leaving aside Trump's utter incompetence, venality, racism, and general but consistent stupidity, let's just agree the man is just an appalling fool . He just compared his ratings to those of the terrorist mass murder of 9-11:

"Now, in an interview with the Associated Press released Sunday, Trump set a new standard of hubris even for himself — comparing his ratings prowess to one of the darkest days in U.S. history: Sept. 11, 2001.

“It's the highest for 'Face the Nation' or as I call it, 'Deface the Nation,' " Trump told the AP's Julie Pace, referring to the CBS News Sunday political talk show. “It's the highest for 'Deface the Nation' since the World Trade Center — since the World Trade Center came down.”
I was involved in getting out this marvelous cd, "Old School Polkas Del Ghost Town, and other Conjunto Music from South Texas," by Lorenzo Martinez and Rabbit Sanchez, two of my favorite musicians and good friends.

It is collection of some astonishingly great conjunto played by a couple of progressive masters of the music who have been performing for 50+ years. It's out on Spring Fed Records, which is part of the Center for Popular Music at MTSU.

I co-produced it and wrote the notes. Here are some samples from the cd release party in San Antonio:

The following questions, in order from my youngest daughter (5), source of the linkages unclear, though clearly capitals are on her mind.

"I know Richmond is the capital of Virginia, but what is the capital of California?"
"What is the capital of Illinois?"
"What is the capital of the Solomon Islands?"

This is the same girl who thinks in terms of threes. She once told me her three favorite things, in order:
1. Daddy's truck
2. the thrift store
3. the open road