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" Like the first Sagebrush Rebellion of 40 years ago, this revolt represents a classic case of fictional privilege, grounded in a shoddy understanding of United States history." Read more: "
There couuldn't be more useful timing for the Oregon militia action then when my students are focusing on just such events. This is the best discussion of the Oregon militia action in the context of federal terrorism statutes, and a good comparison with the abuse of these laws to prosecute animal rights and environmental radicals. You Can Prosecute Animal Rights Activists But Not a Right-Wing Militia for “Terrorism”by Kevin Jon Heller Heller concludes, rightly: "It defies logic that there is a substantive federal terrorism offence covering non-violent activists who open mink cages but not one covering a right-wing militia that forcibly seizes a federal building, demands the release of prisoners, and threatens to kill anyone who tries to intervene. But there you have it."