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One advantage of never throwing anything away is coming across things like this buried in my files:

pretty timely, too, since I saw Dwight Yoakam play a good set last night up in Richmond.
Sandy Levinson again rightly and stridently pointing out a major flaw in our political structure.

"From my perspective--no surprises here--this is simply another illustration of how we are victimized by our dysfunctional and even "imbecilic" Constitution. It's not only the craziness of, practically speaking, needing to rev up a constitutional convention in order to repeal a statute that made a great deal of sense in 1842 and generates really terrible consequences today; it's also the fact that the insane difficulty of constitutional amendment makes the very idea "unthinkable" among practical and "thoughtful" people as defined by the Washington Beltway and other centers of "thoughtfulness."

And Democrats are so eager to dismiss the ravings of the narcissistic sociopath regarding his own demented notion that the election is rigged--how else could somebody so magnificent actually lose the presidential election--that they/we are unwilli…
I have a new webpage over at

Yup, it is much like the old one, though improved and more functional.

I have long maintained my own page with seriously meager html skills, and since that is no longer being supported I have migrated over to this new site.

If you spot a broken link, please let me know.

And, yes, I will get back to blogging more regularly. Sometime.