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The Festival of Texas Fiddling I am curating is coming up in just two weeks, I am very excited about it. (and please do come if at all possible, from wherever you are). The Fesitval features fiddling from across the various styles in Texas, including old time, Creole, Texas-POlish, country, contest style, and Western Swing. And the really exciting news is that we just secured a son huasteca band named Los Trineros to play at the festival as well. This is a style of music from the Huasteca region of Mexico, featuring driving fiddling and falsetto singing, aloing with a tight huapango rhythm oplayed on the jarana and huapanguera. I love this music (and even am a mediocre jaranista myself). Son huasteca and huapango Arribeno are becoming very popular in Central Texas, and this year saw even the first festival dedicated to the music in the United States, called Huapangos Sin Fronteras . Here is a brief video of Los Trineros These guys aren't playing at the festival, but
This horrifying satellite view of mountaintop removal  over time is worth viewing All in the context of Don Blankenship, former CEO of Massey Energy, being indicted at long, overdue last.