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Texas greats

Here is an interesting article in the Dallas News about the effort to save the historic dance halls of Texas , with some great pictures from the inaugural Festival of Texas Fiddling held at Twin Sisters Dance Hall in Blanco, which I curated back in December. Also go read this article on the Conjunto Heritage Taller in San Antonio, and its resident maestro Lorenzo Martinez . He is one of the most talented accordionists around, and his skill is equally matched with his generosity in sharing it.

Confederatism of the historic and neo varieties

On the 150th anniversary of Lee's surrender at Appomattox, it is worth wondering about the nature of Confederate sensibility in the contemporary South.   Euan Hague thought about it in Politico Think neo-Confederatism is overblown? Check out the League of the South

The Mice can Sing (with apologies to Halldór Laxness)

Turns out mice really can sing.  T hey sing complex, ultarsonic songs to woo female mice.