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Hard to believe how fast and thick the stories about Trump's criminality come, but there is no end in sight. One of the most pathetic excuses the Trumpistas have pushed for a while with each revelation--the claim that we should excuse criminal and even treasonous behavior because Trump et al are new to this governing thing. For exampkle, Rightwing shill Ed Roges uses the claim of this all being  "rookie, amateur mistake" repeatedly in today's column. One thing about rookie mistakes is that they don't matter so much if they are legal but stupid. But when they are illegal and stupid...well, see, that does matter.  Especially when the stupid rookie mistakes are made by someone signing up to be the putative leader of the free world. No room for rookie, amateur mistakes. And the interesting thing is that somehow, all of these serial rookie, amateur mistakes are made when the Russians are involved.

"of course not..."

With the constant barrage of new revelations, it is important to remember that ALL members of the Trump universe have been lying and subverting the country from the start. Some do it in bombastic, outraged, and consistently foolish ways (everyone in the White House from Trump on down), b;laming "media bias." And others do it with the aw-shucks, head shaking bewilderment that Pence has perfected as he has consistently lied in bootlicking servility to Trump. He seems like he might be trustworthy, but he is a liar .