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Like you, I read constantly about the destruction of norms in a frail constitutional republic, read with an persistent and gnawing sense of dread. But for some reason I haven't been constantly linking to stories. Nunal never had pretensions to being a news aggregator.But this piece was especially good to pass along because it states the issues we face with complete clarity:
A Liar, A Bigot, A Criminal, A Sexual Predator and a Probable Traitor Mark Graber
"The President of the United States is a liar, a bigot, a criminal, a sexual predator and a probable traitor.
Sandy and I reject the “don’t tell the children” approach in 2018 to executive power, that pretends that Donald Trump is no different than Abraham Lincoln or even Chester Arthur, and is entitled to the same deference as presidents who are not liars, bigots, criminals, sexual predators, and probably traitors.More important, we want to open a conversation about the constitutional significance of a president who is a lia…