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Virginia textbooks have not always been known for their historical accuracy , but at least now they will no longer unwittingly serve as reminders of Japanese colonial rule in Korea. "RICHMOND, Virginia (Reuters) - Two of America's closest Asian allies played out their historic rivalry in the U.S. state of Virginia on Thursday, with South Korea celebrating victory after state lawmakers approved legislation requiring that the Korean name for the Sea of Japan be included in new school textbooks. Virginia's House of Delegates voted 81-15 to approve the two-line bill, which requires "that all text books approved by the Broad of Education ... when referring to the Sea of Japan, shall note that it is also called the East Sea." The bill had already been approved by the state Senate. Governor Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat, has veto power but spoke on behalf of the Korean perspective during his campaign for governor and is widely expected to sign the measure. It was a signi
You can be a Messiah nowadays, at least in Tennessee . It is worth reading this whole story and also following the link through to the article about the right to control your own name , which I found fascinating. I just found out that Volokh had migrated to the Washington Post. Maybe this happened awhile ago and I missed it, but I wonder what it means for the blog overall.