I was happy to spend the day at Gran Plaza Mexico in Harmony, NC on Sunday. There is a monthly jaripeo (Mexican rodeo) there which has some bull riding followed by many hours of concerts of bandas, norteño bands, and banda norteños.

This time around the classic Cadetes de Linares played during the bullriding, followed by banda El Dasa and Conjunto Primavera. All were great, very tight, entertaining, and, as is typical, also insanely loud. Huracanes del Norte headlined and they were as perfect as always.

Plaze Mexico takes place on the groups of the Van Hoy campground, the longtime site of the Union Grove Fiddlers Convention. There is a huge dirt floored hillbilly amphitheater that gets absolute filled at these jaripeos.

I've been writing on jaripeos for some time and soon will have a longer piece on the world of Gran Plaza Mexcio


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