The rich get richer plan

A new report from Oxfam reveals that the 1 percent is consolidating its control of wealth at a rapid clip:

"In 2014, the wealthiest one percent owned 48 percent of the overall wealth, while everyone else had 52 percent combined. Their share of the wealth has steadily risen in recent years and is poised to surpass 50 percent by 2016, the study found."

Oxfam also reports that EIGHTY (80) PEOPLE, that is Eight-Zero people, own as much wealth as 50% of the world population.  That math is interesting, is it not? It looks like this:

80 fat cats = 3.5 Billion people

Below is a great chart. it is rare to see such an absolutely perfect expression of how screwed up this situation is.

"None should be too big, none should be too poor"

Don't take my word for it, ask old Huey Long


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