I've been writing about conjunto music and sustainability for some time (for example here and here), and recently have been working on a book project titled Conjunto Music: Sustaining the Texas Tradition, which I am co-authoring with Cristina BallĂ­ from Texas Folklife.  The book is going to be great, I am very excited about it.

I argue that the conjunto programs in Texas a model for the creation of sustainable cultures for vernacular, regional, and ethnic musics, and other "intangible cultures" in the United States and around the world.

One of the best examples of the sustainable structures in Texas are the several conjunto ensemble programs in the schools.

Now Roma High School has unveiled a new conjunto program, one that is fronted by not one but two woman playing accordion.  This is a fantastic development!

here is a link to a story about the program:

Roma High School Debuts Conjunto Band


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