yet another reason to keep bees

I was heading home over the weekend and stopped off at a garage sale just a few blocks from my house, where my eye was caught by an upright piano. I have a piano already, though it is a spinet and something that my piano tuner said was sold in the 1950s more as furniture than as a piano.  Made in America, but still more furniture than piano. 

This garage sale piano was a full upright that sounded great and for some reason was calling my name.  I called my ever-patient and always-lovely wife and asked her what she thought of me acquiring another piano. She replied, rightly, that I was insane.

Being insane, I did not listen to reason.  The price was right.

I ended up swapping 5 pounds of honey for this piano. And the guy helped me put it on a dolly and wheel it back to my house and pop it into the garage.  He had five pianos and was happy to get rid of one since he is moving down to Chesapeake (and not far from my beeyard down there either)  5 pounds of honey is a good deal for a piano, insanity reigning supreme or not. And I may have gained another spot to put bees down in Chesapeake as well.

The piano is a Knabe upright which the serial number reveals to have been made in 1913.  The Knabe name is a very good one in piano circles.  They have been made in the US since 1837.  Lots of fame was associated with Knabe pianos which therefore pushes me into some august company.  Francis Scott Key owned a Knabe piano.  Robert E. Lee used to pal around with the Knabe family.  Albert Einstein had a Knabe, as did Brigham Young, who had three in his house.  (These factoids are gleaned from a Knabe piano serial number website.) 

You are now equipped to answer the question: what did Francis Scott Key, Robert E. Lee, Albert Einstein, and Brigham Young have in common?  Or, better yet, to answer the question: what did Francis Scott Key, Robert E. Lee, Albert Einstein, Brigham Young, and Nunal have in common?

So assuming that I get this thing into top playing form I may have realized some small corner of my destiny.


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