It has been six months since I posted anything, but I'vre had a good excuse. Two good excuses. I'll let the following picture do the talking. This was taken Jan 1, which saw a beautiful 70 degree day here in Norfolk:

For those of you keeping score, that is indeed two more Little Buddhas in the picture. They are, from left to right, Birch and Aura. Longtime readers of Nunal will of course recognize the original Little Buddha on the far left, hugging Wee Oscar and now quite grown.

The babies arrived in the summer and it has been survival mode around here since.

{personal note to future parents of twins: having two babies at one time is insane....}

There is no way here to realistically catch up what has been happening. And I promise I won't write some insufferable Adam Gopnik style book about the process either. We'll just call the last half year one of those lost horizons and move on. I'll be back on Nunal more reliably now.


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