a friend of mine now in his second year of keeping bees, and in the process of starting to make splits of the hives he overwintered, writes "I'm sure at least one of them will die this winter after eating another 100lbs of sugar. By the way, do bees actually make surplus honey or is that a rumor made up by the National Association of Cane Sugar growers?"

Of course he is really just headed down the path of exponential growth, as most all beekeepers do to within a couple of years. I was up to 30 hives for a time (considered "sideliner" status) but have dropped back to a comfortable 15. Though I did split some hives this week and made three new ones.

I truly like that people I have have introduced to beekeeping have become obsessed. And really good beekeepers, too. One created a new beekeepers organization of a hundred plus people. An old friend of mine now has 40+ hives in SC and has swept the state fair prizes with honey and wax entries for the past few years. Obsession with bees, a good thing to spread!


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