As we've told a few people already, the big news around here is that we are expecting twins. We found out today that it will be a boy and a girl. We are definitely stoked.

Lark, who has just recently found out herself, is now insisting that we call her "Big Sister" rather than Lark.

It is fairly impossible to wrap my mind around completely, especially in terms of the exponentiality involved, but it is an impossibility of lesser intensity than the level that was involved in having Lark. It will be a little while until they arrive, which is good as I madly scramble to get things together in these parts.

Alas, we aren't going to be somewhere interesting during the first year of these kids' lives, as we were in Seoul for Lark. That also means it is necessary to reconfigure things at home rather than simply split the country and worry about it later on. It will also mean we won't be able to simply put the babies in a stroller and walk a few blocks to a sashimi joint serving fresh flounder and nakji. Oh benighted fate!

At least my need to have a lot of banjos of all sizes and descriptions suddenly makes real, practical sense. Each one of these kids is going to need their own instrument for the Colonel's Finest Banjo Orchestra we roll out in a few years time.


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