I spoke with an old friend of mine the other day after a few years of being out of all but the most oblique touch (though it seemed like it had been about 5 minutes since we had last spoken) and was thinking how odd it was to catch up at such luxurious length with someone.

She agreed, but pointed out that it was in part because of facebook. Everybody apparently knows what all everybody else is doing because of facebook. I haven't seen it. This isn't from any point of principle or anti-technological sense (this is, after all, a blog) but I haven't felt the compelling need. Maybe it is the social networking concept rather than the screed-friendly platform of the blog. Or something like that.

But I gather one key point is to see photos, so here is the truly ineffable Miss Lark.

and another with Skye


Amy Peterson said…
Beautiful, beautiful! I really want to see you all soon.

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