It is What it Is

Lark names the stuffed and plastic things that populate her life in a pretty straightforward fashion. Her bunny rabbit is called "bunny," her mermaid is "mermaid" and her ducky is "ducky". A girl doll is named "girl." That dinosaur that I posted a video of her saying "dinosaur" about a while back is still called "dinosaur."

This pattern is well developed and ongoing. I gave her a small lion yesterday and she told me his name was "lion."

There are a couple of variations. She has two other toy dinosaurs. One is named Wyatt and the other is named Jamal. These are after kids at her school. The sock monkey I made her she named "Ghost". A great name for a sock monkey.

This morning Skye had a small bag that Lark really, really, really wanted. A tugging match ensued. Skye pointed out that it was hers, as the "S" on the bag demonstrated. Lark, determined, shouted "no, that's a L!!"

With possessiveness as a root of early literacy, things are sure to move fast. We are not complaining.


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