I've been so delinquent at posting on Nunal that even Skye is complaining.

I never even posted any pictures from Halloween. Lark carved a pumpkin, which is still rotting out front.

She had a great costume all picked out but of course refused to wear it before entering the party she was going to. (Apparently she misunderstood the whole task of looking cute for the pictures.)

I've been spending most of my time deep in the thickets of extradition and any chance I get some time I have been trying to be outside. Norfolk may have virtually nothing to offer for itself, but the weather sure is nice. It has been sunny and in the high 60s or 70s up until today, which is all rain and strong winds. This is about the best time of year here, clear, dry, warm, and just about perfect.

We took Lark for her first bike ride down on the Dismal Swamp bike trail. Beautiful trail that runs right along the canal, barely anyone on it too of course, despite it being absolutely perfect bike weather. The whole time Lark keep saying 'I want to go faster."

One reason she was pretty stoked to go for the bike ride is getting to wear a helmet emblazoned with rabbits. She like posing with the helmet at least as much as riding. And, being sharp, she kept saying "I'm posing!"

The nice weather has been a boon for these crazy daisies I have planted on the side of the house eight years ago. They have grown to over 10 feet tall. They usually get tall, but tend to fall over and look kind of raggedy. This year has been especially good for them, though I don't think they will survive the rain today.


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