Los Tigres del Norte, the most successful and well known Norteño band, again demonstrates their mettle.

Tigres del Norte nix Mexico show, cite censorship

The Mexican "norteno" band Los Tigres del Norte says it has canceled a planned appearance at an awards ceremony after organizers allegedly asked it not to play the biting political commentary song "La Granja."

The song's lyrics appear to lampoon former officials and also allude to the violence unleashed in the government's war on drug cartels.

(I do wonder why the AP put "norteno" in quotes and misspelled it to boot? As a liberal "webpage" Salon it might be expected to fix this, if only to demonstrate a clue that this whole "norteno" thing exists.

Billboard has more of a clue, and more detail too, if you are interested.

"Los Tigres del Norte aren't performing at tonight's (Oct. 28) Lunas awards at Mexico City's Auditorio Nacional-- either because of official censorship or because of a creative disagreement with the event producers, depending on who you ask.

The veteran regional Mexican act held a press conference in the Mexican capital today to say that it was canceling its performance at the awards, which honor live entertainment in the country, because they were asked not to perform its single "La Granja." The song, a critique of corrupt governments that pursue power at the expense of the common man, has been compared to George Orwell's book "Animal Farm."

The band's leader, Jorge Hernandez, reportedly blamed the awards show organizers' request that Los Tigres not perform the song during its closing set on a directive by Mexico's federal government against playing "La Granja.""


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