I just got this announcement from the Stonewall Jackson Hotel in Staunton, Virginia. It is a nice old hotel.

"At last, some change you can believe in!
We are not talking politics here, but talking about saving some cash! As the inauguration of our 44th President is almost upon us, the Stonewall Jackson Hotel is putting a promotion together to mark this historic occasion by offering an exclusive rate to all our email subscribers of 44.00 per night.
• Simply stay two consecutive nights and pay $44.00 per evening.
• If two nights do not fit in your schedule, we can provide a one night visit for 88.00. Either way, you start off the year with your own bailout plan."

What would it mean to mark Obama's inauguration by staying at the Stonewall Jackson? Maybe I will wait to craft my response until Lee/Jackson/King Day.*

*for non-Virginians, that is the official name for "Robert E. Lee/Stonewall Jackson/Martin Luther King, Jr., Day," the day before the inauguration.


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