I often suggest to people that they give money to the Heifer foundation, which supplies animals to people in the third world. I like this organization a lot, especially since they supply people with a hive of bees for a thirty dollar donation. Since that is less than half what a package of bees costs here (forgetting even about the cost of the equipment) this seemed like a hell of a deal.

So I was surprised to see that this charity spends its money in unwise ways. For example, the president Jo Luck earns $236,881. How is that a justifiable amount of money for a charity to pay someone, even one that raises a large amount of money? Especially one headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas? Even if a case could be made, I just keep thinking that that is 7,800 hives worth of annual compensation.

I checked some other charities I support. I got all of these figures from an useful website called Charity Navigator.

Appalachian Voices, an organization in Boone, NC that fights mountaintop removal among other issues: its Executive Director, Mary Anne Hitt, earns a very modest and respectable $42,500.

The Executive Director of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, David Startzell, earns a not surprising $100,577.

The Executive Director of the National Council for the Traditional Arts, Julia Olin, clocks in at $74,958.

Steven J. McCormick, the President and CEO of the Nature Conservancy earns $427,465.

Maybe I am thinking of this all wrong. Maybe I should run a charity.


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