That oil spill is not just polluting the seas and the beaches, it is having a profound impact on the sea farming in the area and on the whole west coast. [english donga]: "The supertanker Hebeir Spirit was rammed by barges and leaked a huge amount of oil along the west coast of South Korea recently. Now experts say the oil spill is threatening the entire western coastal region of Korea.

According to authorities, the oil leak now stretches 2,100ha as of yesterday, devastating aquatic farms and six beach resorts in Taean County and beyond.

An official of South Chungcheong Province confirmed, “In Taean County, 82 farms are affected, covering an area of 2,100ha. The oil spill is expanding along the coast, and will damage about 250 farms 3,571ha in area. The area represents 63 percent of Taean County.” The official also noted, “The accident will harm 63 percent of the total 445 farms of 5,647ha in the county. We are afraid the damage will be greater in the end. Right now we cannot tell how much the damage will be in terms of monetary value.”"


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