Today is Nov 11, 11-11, which is Armistice day of course (though it is observed tomorrow in the US, which happens to be my mother's birthday). Since Korea was not involved in the first world war (and since their dreams for independence, in part triggered by Woodrow Wilson's wartime annoucements, were crushed by the Japanese in postwar 1919) that day doesn't seem to mean a whole lot over here.

But, since the date looks like 4 sticks when you line the date up, there is another holiday called Pepero day, which I think is about as much holiday as it is brilliant corporate day. These are chocolate covered sticks, essentially bread sticks with chocolate on 3/4 of them. They are like Pocky sticks.

Today we received a gift of two and a half foot long sticks, which is enough Pocky to choke a mule, in this case named "long stick chocolate."


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