There is a famous noodle restaurant a few blocks away from here. This area of Seoul is pretty well known for restaurants, and at night it is so congested down in the restaurant area that you can barely get by. Since everybody parks on the sidewalk, you actually can't get by on one side.

The busiest place is this famous noodle house, and a prof at Sogang yesterday confirmed to me that it was very well regarded. So, off we went for dinner. High hopes, and all of that.

Yup, they do serve noodles. Nobody even asked what we wanted. We walked in and they brought over the bowls of noodles. At least we didn't have to pour over the menu with our dictionary.

The noodles were pretty good too, though that was all it was. Noodles, kind of like flat spaghetti, in a good soup.

The place is also known for its white kimchi, which was very good. That is kimchi without the red pepper, so pickled cabbage basically. With that, so they say, you can live forever.


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