stray cats strut

Seoul is set to begin fixing feral cats rather than euthanizing them.

INSIDE JoongAng Daily

This seems like a great idea-- if you like packs of wild cats eating the ripped open garbage bags of food that are placed out thrice weekly.

I do, personally, since I would guess that they do help to supress the rodent population. But if they get the fixed, the cats won't yowl all night, which is a mysterious sound that always takes me off guard.

But isn't it a bit strange that the city will go to the trouble of trapping feral cats to fix them and release them? This essentially means the city desires feral cats. The city estimates that there are 30,000 cats in the city. These are not squirrels, though, or pigeons, or some other common urban animal species that is kind of embedded in the natural environment. (actually, I don't think I have seen any squirrels here at all). These are cats. We might as well have fixed marmots running around. That would be more exotic.

My neighborhood has a stunning number of cats crawling all over the place. A walk down the block scatters them at each garbage pile. It is not unlike the home of a crazy cat lady you read about in the paper, except it is the whole neighborhood.


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