I was walking across the Ewha Women's University campus and spied something a bit odd.

There was, in a the trees next to the path, a rabbit tied to a tree on a red leash.

He was a big, healthy looking and friendly rabbit. His name was Iluvia.

I know his gender and name because it was written on a note where the lease was tied. I asked a student walking by to translate the note. According to her it says that Iluvia is up for grabs, 7 years old, friendly although a bit shy.

I was tempted to take him home but figured that he wouldn't really fit into the apartment well.

It did occur to me that this might have been a hidden camera experiment.

On a related note, my dogs, being cared for by my gracious parents for the year, are happily killing rabbits and other furry woodland creatures whenever they are let outside. Actually, it is largely Mother Maybelle doing the killing. My dad gives me regular reports. I think the transition back to Norfolk will be rough on the dogs after such a year of freedom to roam.


Burro Hall said…
The Mexico Bureau is wondering why a Korean rabbit is named with the Spanish word for "rain."

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