a foot in the door, nose in the tent, given an inch, etc.

One might be forgiven for pointing out that as soon as exports are relaxed, this kind of activity generally follows. I think it is a calculus of greed over responsibility.

donga.com [english donga]: "The Unification Ministry caught a South Korean company smuggling strategic goods into the Gaesong Industrial Complex in North Korea without permission. This is the first time this kind of smuggling has been discovered. A Unification Ministry official confirmed yesterday, “We detected a South Korean resident company in the Gaesong complex manufacturing cloth and thread for use in paraglide chutes. The export of this item is banned. We ordered the company to ‘repatriate’ all the relevant products and materials by the end of this week.” The term “strategic goods” refers to the goods and materials whose export the Wassenaar Arrangement bans due to their possible use for development and/or production of weapons of mass destruction."


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