Oddly, Koreans don't wear sunglasses. I realize this sounds like a massive over generalization, but I noticed it since I got here and have held my tongue until now there is more than a tidal wave of mere anecdotal observation--I have actual hearsay to back me up! My students inform me that if you wear sunglasses you somehow draw negative attention to yourself and so it just isn't done.

It was brilliantly sunny, one of those no-cloud in the sky fall days (though it was very hot). Not a single person I saw on campus or on the crowded way there or back was wearing sunglasses. And I am sure you will agree with me that college kids are an inherently sunglass wearing demographic.

But everybody uses umbrellas when it rains, as I noted, and on sunny days very many women use umbrellas to keep the sun off (which is pretty old timey). It seems like sunglasses are a graceful solution to this quandry. But maybe nobody sees it as a quandry.


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