I have managed to return to my largely nocturnal lifestyle in Seoul, after several days of waking bright and early as a residue of jet leg. Partly this is because I am back to writing lectures, which is of course best done in the middle of the night.

Staying up all night is easy in this city because it doesn't really shut down. Bars and restaurants are open late to all night, no surprise there. But in many small ways this is really a late night city.

I just went jogging on the path next to the crick underneath the Naebu expressway that I mentioned the other day. At home I often jog late at night and just hope I am not either shot or attacked by a dog (or both, I suppose), and it is always kind of dicey. But here, between 10-11 pm, on that path were hundreds of other people biking, running, and walking. It is a nice resource, that path. You don't have to worry about playing frogger at the corners, and because you are lower than the street the air pollution is significantly cut down too.


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