The Harmon Doctrine* has nothing on this control

This article on water usage law in Colorado is pretty astonishing, isn't it?  It's illegal to use rain barrels because the water is owned

A Thirsty Colorado Is Battling Over Who Owns Raindrops
And it shouldn't be surprising that Republicans are the ones pushing the power of the intrusive state to govern how people use the water falling from the sky.

"“It’s actually stealing,” said State Senator Jerry Sonnenberg, a Republican from Sterling, a northeastern farming and ranching town on the plains, who voted against the rain barrel measure when it landed in the Agriculture, Natural Resources and Energy Committee he leads. “You might say, it’s a little bit of water, just a barrelful, how much damage could that do to someone downstream?”

But, he continued, “If it’s just a little bit, why wouldn’t we allow everyone go to into 7-Eleven and take just one bottle of water, just a little bit?”"

Uh huh, stealing. Somehow harvesting the rain falling from the sky is the same as stealing a bottle of water from a 7-11.  The logic holds in that privatized water is privatized water.

*[if you have no clue about the Harmon Doctrine despite almost certainly having read my book's discussion of it, you can read this]


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