I got some sad news today from South Texas that bajista Rigo Garza died. He played for many years with legendary valley fiddler Jose Moreno, who taught him to play and then recruited him into his band Los Patrulleros del Norte.

Here is a thing that reveals the true depth of what's on youtube, a video playing the whole 8 track recording of Los Patrulleros del Norte's album "Bailando En Valle Hermoso"

Here is a nice video of Rigo playing with his grandson Seth Lara a few years ago. Seth has carried on the Moreno tradition and plays accordion and fiddle in the old, disappeared Valley style that Moreno embodies.

We were planning to have featured Don Jose, Rigo, and Seth to the Festival of Texas Fiddling last year, but they had to cancel at the last minute because Seth was in the state band championships.

Rigo was a kind and very friendly guy. The first time I went down to Harlingen I met him in a pachanga in that same garage in that video below and he was extremely welcoming. Over the years every time I ran into him it was the same thing. Sad passing.


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