Sic Semper Tyrannis!

Sure the big snow storm which paralyzed the region is new (big snow 757-style, which means only about 5 inches of snow)...and then  there is the record cold coming at the end of the week (highs in teens)...

But here at Nunal the really interesting news is that Virginia is at long last legalizing adolescent male weapon fetishes.

Virginia is very close to legalizing brass knuckles. It's another blow for freedom in this freedom-lovin' state.  The bill has passed both houses and is just a governor's signature away!

Historically-minded readers might be interested to see the illustration chosen for this story--Jack Ruby's brass knuckles he was carrying at the time he killed Lee Harvey Oswald. Where did this ophoto come from and why was it chosen? Is this supposed to support or undercut the movement for brass knuckle legalization? Curiouser and curiouser.

Other things to be legalized: blackjacks, brass knuckles, swords in canes, switch blades, and throwing stars.  Nunchucks, "the greatest kung fu weapon" are off the list, perhaps because they are already legal? I have no idea. 


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