It is a busy week of fun musical things going on.

Tonight, in conujunction with my Appalachian music and folk culture class, we are about to have the very first VWC square dance, called by old friend Michael Ismerio and with music from Richmond fiddler Derek Larimer (last seen representing Virginia old time fiddle at the Festival of Texas Fiddling) and yours truly on the old five string banjo.

Once I have some photo and video of the dance I will post it.

Tomorrow night I am performing with Alaska Fiddling Poet Ken Waldman at the Miller Studio Theater at the Sandler Center in Virginia Beach. It has been several years since Ken came through so I am looking forward to seeing him. Not sure exactly what I am going to play, but I hope it is "Burnt Down House," a song about house fires that is off of his children's cd...

On Thursday, I am happy to have banjo, n'goni, and Kora virtuoso Seth Swingle coming down from Earlyville to play a set. You can read a Q & A I did with him over at Alt Daily


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