With all of my grades posted, the semester is over and it has been a good one.

This semester I taught two classes for the first time and really enjoyed them. The first, "Asians in America," was a great success mostly because the class was so committed to the topic and to doing the reading, which was not light. I will definitely offer this one again in the future.

The other new course was "Music and Sound in American History," which also worked well I believe. The switch from music studies to sound studies was not without its difficulties, particularly in taking the class through the theoretical literature, but it was utlimately a worthwhile and highly effective experience.  I definitely will teach again.

If you are interested in seeing how the classes were structured, check out my courses' webpage.

Meanwhile, I have a break for a couple of weeks, so I can get all manner of projects completed, which means a lot of writing and also a lot of time on the bajo sexto, ideally.

For your end of the semester pleasure, a couple of videos

TrĂ­o Guardianes de la Huasteca

Trio Tamazunchale

and this one, which I was interested to happen across enitrely by accident.. The guy playing the huapanguera with the Beatles and Stones stickers who starts singing at the 2 minute mark lives in Austin, He is the organizer of the Huapango festival there. He also appeared at the Fesitval of Texas Fiddling last week, singing along with Los Trineros.


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