It's too bad I would never eat at Burger King, because now I can't boycott it to protest its (almost) shameful flight to Canada to avoid taxes.

Now we can just generally continue to boycott it for serving shitty food.

I was geared up to avoid Walgreens for the same move to dodge taxes. That would have been easy here in the sprawling wasteland of Hampton Roads since ever Walgreens is paired with a CVS at intersections. A law of nature, that.

It is a good reminder that none of these corporate entities is value neutral, even ones fulfilling a quasi-public role like Walgreens

Of course there are plenty of companies around who are doing the same thing to avoid paying their share in taxes after having profited from it for years. Here is a list, from the Washington Post.

Anyway, why do all these companies want to move when patriots like Mitt Romney have shown that it is perfectly possible to avoid taxes and still live here.

Now you can go read this. and this too (it is easier to read, also better).


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