Here is a sentence that sounds more than a bit odd:  I wish Norfolk would take a lesson from Milwaukee.

Norfolk has many of the same historical problems in terms of decay, derelict properties, poverty, white flight, and general cultural crisis. The natural setting here is of course much more appealing in almost every way, starting with the warm weather, the easy access to water everywhere, and the enormous potential with its proximity to vibrant places. What Norfolk lacks is any sort of vision and an apparent hostility to culture, while post-industrial, workingclass Milwaukee is leading the way as a green city taking the fullest advantage of its natural setting. In Norfolk, in contrast, the incredible coastline along the Chesapeake Bay is abandoned to decay except for isolated pockets of Truman Show like ersatz neighborhoods. Whole neighborhoods are allowed to decline until whole blocks are empty lots dotted with a handful of houses.

It doesn't have to be this way, ask Milwaukee.  Milwaukee is the New Portland


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