Have you noticed how large the flags on politicians' lapels have become?  There is flag size creep, and it is real.

Of course, all politicians these days have a little enameled flag pin on their lapel since 9-11.  But both Romney's and Ryan's flag pins are just a wee bit bigger than their opponents.  Take a look at the next debate, I am not making this up.  The Republicans seem to be pushing a somewhat subtle claim that they are just that much more American.

The darksuit and blue or red tie is a uniform.  Adding in the flag enhances the uniformity of the whole. Increasing the size of the flag is a development that seems to warrant close attention.

If the flag migrants from placement on the lapel to a band on the shoulder, we are in trouble.

update: ok, I see now that others have noted the same.  Here I thought I was a trendspotter or something. Apparently, if I read tweets I would have seen this.  I prefer the slow accretion of my thoughts on this largely unread blog....


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