[It does get a bit tiresome to post every couple of months while proffering up a litany of excuses, does it not?]

A month of traveling a lot on the weekends and staying on top of my classes during the week (and of course all while swept up in the perpetual whirlwind that is Miss Lark) meant that something had to give, so unfortunately it was Nunal.

I've also been to some fun places which has made blogging less of an option at the time. I went to San Francisco courtesy of the ever-renewable Bad Co. Films Fellowship Desk. While out there I got to see Santiago Jimenez, Jr. play at the 50th Anniversary celebration for Arhoolie Records. It's a nice thing to celebrate for all sorts of reasons, and especially since Chris Strachwitz's musical endeavors definitely changed my life (and all for better too).

From there in short order to New Orleans, Washington, DC, and Chicago, all of which were great fun and none of which will get any real attention here.

Though here are a few pictures of Lark dancing in Audubon Park in New Orleans. Behind her is the island dedicated to Skye's dad, Mims Ochsner.

and then all of us in the same spot once Lark would stand sort-of still:

Now I am back here in time to spend weekends getting the bees squared away for the spring nectar flow. Fortunately I lost no colonies over the winter (though I have heard my bees in Pungo are not booming, I hope to get out there this week. I do have several strong hives that seem like they will do well this year. Optimism triumphs over experience with bees this time of year, something about the bloom that does it...


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