Sorry, I've been just flat out too busy to write on Nunal for the past six weeks between staying on top of my classes during the week and then going away every weekend somewhere farflung and fascinating.

My life recently has been a rotating and really incredibly interesting series of academic conferences and music festivals encompassing a cross section of everything that makes this country interesting and also happily included some of the very best places to eat that I can think of.

The places were Nashville (for the American Folklore Society meeting), San Benito, Texas (Narciso Martinez Festival), Lafayatte Louisiana (the unparalleled Blackpot which I am finally going to write about), Los Angeles (the utterly fascinating Southwestern Law School Extraterritoriality Symposium), and Philadelphia (American Society of Legal History meeting) just this past weekend.

(And there there was also one weekend at my old friend's son's bar mitzvah in LA. It is more than a bit odd when your friend's kid already is old enough to have a bar mitzvah).

At these places I've been presenting my work on extraterritoriality, extradition, and Conjunto music, or doing new research on my sustainable music project, so everything is South Texas related even if it is all quite different. It's been both very instructive and an incredible amount of fun.

The real pleasure has been the opportunity just to be around so many accomplished scholars and musicians. Expertise and mastery in any field is always a pleasure to be around, and I feel like I've learned more in the past couple of months than in any span I can think of recently.

I wouldn't complain if the whole year was this intense, though it would be tough to survive.

I have had a lot of different experiences everywhere, worth detailing here at Nunal, and some good pictures to post, maybe I'll get some time over the Thanksgiving break.

And truly nothing beats coming home to Skye and Lark. The only bad part about travelling is being away from them.

Here is Miss Lark in full fall splendor today:


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