It has been a while since I have gotten any pics of Miss Lark up on Nunal. I have some truly random ones with me at the moment. Here she was looking adorable and running around at Clifftop while we packed up.

Here she is making some pancakes:

Lark has been agitating for a "Larkie fiddle" so of course as soon as we got back from Clifftop I got her a 1/8 size one. And she has been playing it at least a bit everyday, totally unprompted on our part. Cross keyed it sounds pretty good. She sings two songs with it (though not at all in time with her playing, truth be told, that is something that will have to come). One is what she calls "My shanty all the time, time time," which is a line she has fixated on from "Keep my Skillet Good and Greasy". She knows that whole song. The other song is Little Richard's "Girl Can't Help it," which she has returned to loving to sing with a vengeance.

Here Lark is posing with her fiddle:

The fact that the other day Lark pointed at Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story with no idea who he was and said "look at that funny man!" and at the same time can sing all of the words to "Keep my Skillet Good and Greasy" and 'Girl Can't Help it" (as well as many other songs) means that something very right is going on, no?

Though somehow Lark has also learned all of the words to Cheryl Lynn's disco classic 'Got to be Real," which she hears as "Got to be Maria," which is the name of one of her friends. So, I am not necessarily including or excluding "Got to be Maria" from the things that are going very right.

I think I have mentioned here that Lark loves 'Ghostbusters," which we listen to on a 45 I picked up. She can of course sing that too. She may know what a ghost is, but I am certain she has no idea what a ghostbuster is.

Now bear with me for a moment, because I need to explain something else. With the Saints in the Super Bowl this year, and of course the lovely Miss Skye being a New Orleans native, the cheer "go Saints!" was something that Lark learned pretty early and can usually say to much general pleasure, whether down in New Orleans or here.

Somehow all of this has fused in Lark's head so she runs into the room and jumps into position to shout triumphantly: "GHO-stbusters Saints!"


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