"Hip hop originated in Mongolia”

Exploring musical culture and contemporary music making in Mongolia is going to be really fascinating and significantly more diverse than the just a search for traditional music making, that much is clear.

Check out this trailer for a forthcoming documentary about Mongolian hiphop called Mongolian Bling. I really can't wait to see the rest of the film and, hopefully, to catch some of these musicians and bands live.

The film is worth it if only for the quote above and interview (briefly excerpted in the clip). Perfect!

There were quite a few of the hybrid hip hop-traditional bands (such as appear towards the end of the clip) in Korea, way more interesting stuff and unexpected to study than just the hiphop performers playing purely in the style, at least to my mind.

My feeling watching this is something like that I had when I initially sought out "traditional" Mexican musicians migrating to North Carolina and Virginia and kept running into people who were everything but, like the bajo sexto player in Washington, N.C. who just wanted to play Led Zeppelin. Or the Mexican metal band in Roanoke, Los Wetbacks. For I time I kept wrongheadingly looking for the old timey players until suddenly (or finally) realized that these other forms were actually key. I still prefer the traditional stuff for listening and playing of course, but I no longer seeking the 'salvage anthropology' (as the description goes...)


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