One of my colleagues at VWC is from New York, with an accent thick enough to cut glass. But I think the most telling New York characteristic was his truly endearing need to look up the yellow flowers that had popped up all over his new Virginia Beach lawn. Thanks to Google he managed to discover just what they were--dandelions. Apparently his neighbors were not thrilled they were marring the green expanse. Apparently they don't know you can eat every part of them.

I was reminded of this earlier today when a guy stopped by the house and when I opened the door he said "I was wondering about your lawn." I looked at him, and at the lawn (which was grazing his knees), and amused myself by responding "what do you mean?" For some reason he thought I would want to have it cut. Nope, I prefer my gasless mower which pushes the grass over long enough for me to pretend it was cut, allowing it to spring healthily back in place, high enough to give small mammals a place to hide but not enough to give my neighbors pause. I live in Nofolk, after all, not Virginia Beach.


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