snapshots of the state of things

You can skip this post if you are going to claim that you don't want to hear some random charming stories about the evervescent and incredibly brilliant Miss Lark.

She always has something interesting to say, really it is a daily pleasure.

Looking at some lions at the zoo as they snoozed I said (in that apparently inescapable parental way) 'what are the lions doing?' I was thinking "napping" or maybe "sleeping." Her response: "basking in the sun." Basking, nice.

Today as we were driving she asked me to play Ralph Stanley's "Bound to Ride." I put the cd in and then accidentally put it on the wrong song. Lark said within the first measure: "That isn't 'Bound to Ride,' that's 'Rocky Island.'" Not bad. Especially considering all of that music sounds the same...

And speaking of music that all sounds the same, today during dinner she requested Mexican music (or however it is she pronounces "music," it sounds something like "musiktc". I help up a Flaco Jiminez record and said "how about this one." Her response: that's not Mexican music." True, it is at least once removed. We settled on Los Alegres de Teran, firmly south of the border and so popular in Mexico that legend holds that all the village dogs could sing their songs.


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