A handful of keys have been wiped off on my keyboard. This isn't a big deal since I can type, but it did make using passwords unusually hazardous. It cost me four bucks to get little letter stickers with letters on them so I can see the letters.

Thinking there might be a pattern to the letters, I fed them into a word generator and here is what it produced:

martens, sarment, smarten, aments, armets, mantes, marten, master, maters, matres, namers, ramets, remans, stamen, stream, tamers, amens, ament, armet, manes, manse, mares, marse, marts, maser, mater, mates, means, meant, meats, mensa, menta, namer, names, nemas, ramen, ramet, reams, reman, satem, smart, smear, steam, tamer, tames, teams, terms, trams, amen, antres, arms, astern, maes, mane, mans, mare, mars, mart, mast, mate, mats, mean, meat, mesa, meta, name, nema, rams, ream, rems, same, seam, stem, sterna, tame, tams, team, term, tram, antes, antre, arm, aster, earns, ems, etnas, mae, man, mar, mas, mat, men, met, nam, nares, nates, nears, neats, nerts, ram, rants, rates, rem, rents, resat, saner, snare, stane, stare, stern, tam, tares, tarns, tears, terns, trans, am, anes, ante, ants, ares, arts, ates, earn, ears, east, eats, em, eras, erns, erst, etas, etna, ma, me, near, neat, nest, nets, rant, rase, rate, rats, rent, rest, rets, sane, sate, sear, seat, sent, sera, seta, star, tans, tare, tarn, tars, tear, teas, tens, tern, tres, tsar

This was an online scrabble generator so maybe these count for words or something (I have only played once), but "snare" is the one I am going with as the reason for the season.


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